Angular vs React: Comparison of Most Popular 2021 Technologies

Choosing the right technology for website development is important because it’s the technology that underpins it. According to a survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2020, nearly 70% of professional developers out of more than forty-seven thousand use JavaScript.

4 min readAug 26, 2021

This programming language has disadvantages and rather complicated parts, but despite this, it is still one of the most popular. It is used by those who are just taking their first steps in programming and real professionals, who consider it the best solution for today. In our article, we’re going to discuss Javascript frameworks, namely Angular and React. Let’s learn about their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

A brief look at the most popular JavaScript frameworks

During the last five years, the demand for Angular and React frontend frameworks has increased. Over the last few years, Google users searched for React library most frequently, with Angular coming in second.


First introduced in 2013, the React.js library is used to create dynamic web and mobile applications. React.js provides for the creation of independent reusable components that greatly improve application performance. The developers of the library are Facebook and Instagram, as well as the community of individual developers and companies. This library uses the concept of virtual DOM, a simulated way of representing a structured document using objects.

The virtual DOM allows for simulated server-side processing in the user’s browser without reloading the page to update the information. This allows for truly dynamic, interactive web applications as any interface element can be updated without affecting or reloading the rest of the page.

It can be used to build landing pages and mobile apps with high performance, ease of use, and scalability, like Pinterest or Netflix. One of the features is its speed, allowing programmers to save time while developing serious software.

Other advantages of React are:

  • The reusability of its components in different parts of the web application;
  • A large enough community to ensure the stability of the library;
  • Versatility and applicability with other frameworks.
  • Low development cost (React developer rates average are $35 per hour according to Payscale).


  • The application of a complex extension to the JavaScript language — “JSX”;
  • The risk of its dynamics affecting SEO optimization;
  • It supports only the results of the external user interface.


Angular.js is a popular open-source Javascript framework from Google. It helps simplify the process of developing and testing feature-rich web applications. It helps developers solve problems associated with web development. Angular.js can be used in conjunction with HTML and CSS to enhance the functionality of the web application. It is often used to create adaptive and dynamic full-featured web applications.

Do you want to create a top-notch web app that helps you achieve your business goals? Do you want it to be user-friendly? That’s where Angular.js comes in. If you’re looking for the right JavaScript framework, developing on Angular.js might be the best choice. While this framework is more commonly used for adding interactive components to a website, it is also a popular choice for creating modern web applications.

As one of the best frameworks of 2021, it can boast several advantages:

  • Interoperability between system components through the integration of dependencies;
  • Ability to embed unit tests and easily conduct testing;
  • Simplicity and ease of use with several external libraries.


  • The necessity of prior programming experience with “TypeScript”;
  • The need to use external tools for full indexing of the website;
  • Slow development work and reduce in its effectiveness due to simultaneous loading of scripts when opening the application.
  • Slightly higher development costs (Angular developers average rates are $40 per hour according to Payscale).

Remember that JS libraries are constantly evolving offering more features and extensions. Some of them are perfect for landing pages, others for large-scale projects. The choice among them always depends on the problem to be solved and the availability of tech-savvy specialists, which can be quite pricey. An excellent way out in this situation is offshore development.

This way you can hire professionals, not limited to local talent. At the same time, you can reduce the cost of development and allocate the budget to other needs. This is especially relevant when you need specialists for only one project or developers with highly specialized skills. You even may stumble upon an offshore development company that’ll take care of all the project management difficulties i.e. project setup, team composition, contractual terms, communication, and reporting, allowing you to focus on strategic planning. By the way, that’s exactly what UNITEDCODE does. So, if you want to create your dream project, contact us and we’ll help you find an ultimate solution to suit your business needs best.




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